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J.Jeb Mfg. Co. J.Jeb Mfg. Co. Diesel engine and fuel heater design and manufacturing
J.Jeb Mfg. Co. J.Jeb Mfg. Co.
J.Jeb Mfg. Co. J.Jeb Mfg. Co. J.Jeb Mfg. Co.
J.Jeb Mfg. Co. J.Jeb Mfg. Co.
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J.JEB MANUFACTURING COMPANY WAS FOUNDED OVER 40 YEARS AGO by the late John M. Sukala. Our corporate background is with heavy equipment maintenance. J. Jeb products are designed to give maximum life with minimum maintenance and repair.

J.JEB HAS BUILT ITS REPUTATION ON HIGH QUALITY, RELIABILITY, LONG LIFE, AND VALUE IN ENGINE AND FUEL HEATERS. We manufacture and design a heavy duty series of immersion engine heaters furnished as a complete kit (engine heater + cord + weatherproof plug assembly). Life expectancy of J.Jeb units is 8 to 10 years and carries a 2 year guarantee.

J.JEB SALES ARE THROUGH DISTRIBUTORS (engine, OEM vehicle/equipment distributors & selected heavy part suppliers). J.Jeb Mfg. Co. supplies technical and service assistance to all users. We provide local distributor info to your inquiry or give specific part number and cross-reference help. Manufacturing is in our plant in Westville, NJ 08093 (USA), outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. J.Jeb has built an unequaled reputation of ON TIME product availability via low lead times, drop shipments, no minimums, complete parts availability, and good old fashion service to customers.

J.JEB STOCK PRODUCT AVAILABILITY covers applications for engines used in automotive use, such as truck, bus, or motorhome application, industrial standby use, marine, agricultural, emergency vehicle, and power generator set. Recommended sizes (wattage) are listed in our catalog based upon starting in extreme (-30° to -40°F) ambient temperatures, however engine use can dictate other wattages. MARINE APPLICATION : 40% lower wattage than recommendation due to propulsion engines are generally in protected engine room OR do not have traditional radiator. Adjustable thermostat (#TCE-1) is recommended on long term heater operation for both electrical use savings and controlling engine temperature. Other factors to using lower wattage are: limited shore power, relatively warm water keeps engine room warmer than equipment exposed to outside air. Engines on deck or exposed to elements would not benefit from 40% lower wattage. EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT: When high RPM, maximum power required in short time (no warm-up) high wattage may be required to maintain high engine temperature (120oF +). Control package of adjustable thermostat and relay switch to shut down block heater on start / run engine cycles are recommended.

J.JEB DESIGNS CUSTOM HEATERS for large industrial engines such as rail, marine, power generation, pumping, industrial process, or repair of existing heater. With custom models, water cover plates used to mount engine heater can be either "core exchanged" or plate supplied to J.Jeb for customizing. Short lead times (2 weeks or less). Depending on engine size and location for heater mounting, units can be designed from under 750 watt (.75 kw) to over 10000 watt (10kw) in 120, 240, 277, or 480 volt. Use control package (#CPE series) to turn heater off/on via engine run/stop circuit and engine coolant temperature.

J.JEB DIESEL FUEL HEATERS eliminate wax formation on fuel filters which clog filter. Three (3) flow rate units are available(40, 90 and 160 gallon/hour). Units are sized by flow rate of fuel through engine fuel pump. J.Jeb fuel heaters eliminate selective purchasing of winter fuels, additives and fuel wax clogging downtime. J.Jeb fuel heaters are also effective heat exchangers for a variety of heating / cooling functions.

J.JEB MACHINE/PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES INCLUDE: Stamping (120 ton), turning, welding, soldering, tapping, fixture design, assembly, packaging and product modification or re-manufacturing.

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